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CRI 97 sonnenlicht-ähnliches Licht
CRI 97

CRI 97 – Sunshine-like light

Healthy light at last

Good light for more well-being

Whether you are active and full of beans or feel tired, restless and sleepy depends to a very large extent on the lighting conditions to which you are exposed. 

Optimal lighting causes people to be awake, receptive and active during the day and to rest better at night. This increases well-being and performance. So with the right light, we ourselves create perfect conditions for our eyes and at the same time increase our sense of well-being.

With our unique LED lighting technology, we have succeeded in almost perfectly replicating sunlight and thus creating the quality of life you deserve.


The human organism has been accustomed to daylight for many thousands of years. The perception of the environment essentially depends on how detailed the shapes and colors can be represented. Colors in particular can only be recognized in their natural range if the light has exactly these wavelengths. Artificial light sources always provide only a part of the extensive spectrum of the sun.


It is not possible to perfectly reproduce the spectrum of sunlight in a luminaire. Many people express discomfort due to poor lighting conditions. Especially children and seniors depend on optimal light in their lives.


Our latest LED technology uses the sun as a reference. This makes it possible to achieve a spectrum almost identical to sunlight. The simulation of the sun’s course over the day is possible.


Healthy light explained:

LED light in the highest quality

Based on the light spectra shown, the quality of an artificial light source – i.e. a lamp – can be recognized and explained very well.

The light spectrum of the fluorescent tube shows an uneven curve with almost monochromatic peaks. The conventional LED, on the other hand, shows an accentuated curve with a problematic peak in the blue spectral parts.

The spectrum of sunlight, obviously, runs almost linearly over the entire width. This means that all colors lightend by the sun are displayed almost identically. We, as human beings, having eyes adopted to this spectrum can read particularly well in daylight, recognize colors very well and can also distinguish color nuances very well.

The spectrum of the sunlight-like CRI 97 is almost congruent with the level of real sunlight. This makes it the best artificial light that humans have available to date. It enables us to work much better and more concentrated, to tire less and thus to avoid accidents. The accompanying lifelike recognition of colors also offers new prospects in relevant industries such as medical laboratories, printing plants, etc.

CRI 97 – Sunshine-like light