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+49 3571 4217-0

Stefan Quaas 


+49 3571 4217-0

Simone Fischer


+49 3571 4217-0

Heiko Rieck

Operations Manager
Authorised representative

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Alexander Ivkovic

Head of Area Sales Management D-A-CH
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Together for better light


“Without the right people, the best idea is of no use.” Everyone has heard this wisdom before. But: How do you find the right employees? Or: How do you make them?

After the profound experience of an insolvency, combined with the closure of the plant in Mering, we analyzed management mistakes and ventured something new with a “different corporate culture”.

Our employees are not evaluated and judged on the basis of final grades or references, but on the basis of their professional competence, which they demonstrate on a daily basis. The basis for this are clear and understandable trust agreements!

That means: Everyone trusts the other.
This is different, because trust prevents mistrust! Trust stifles the need for control, envy and resentment! Trust creates the basis for a peaceful and honest working atmosphere, for helpfulness and empathy. For working in solidarity.
And if it must be: To give full power!

This concept works for us. So don’t be surprised:
Everyone here is friendly and in a good mood!

Teamwork bei Ludwig Leuchten
Impressions from the production

Motivated employees

We have large production halls, modern sheet metal processing centers, a fully automated paint shop and several electrical assembly stations on 36,000 m² of factory space.

Metal processing

From cutting the sheet metal to laser processing, welding, bending and painting - everything from a single source.

Welding work

Experienced professionals weld on TIG or MAG in the highest precision all housing shapes.


During pre-assembly, all components, including the cabling, run into each other.

Mounting LED

The electronic LED boards are mounted on the support elements at special workstations.

Final assembly and testing

In final assembly, the last units are mounted and each individual luminaire undergoes a functional test.

Shipping preparation

After successful functional testing, all lights are assembled and packed for safe transport.

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